Social Barter Kings Kickoff – Trade With Me

Today kicks off the Social Barter Kings Challenge where I go head to head against 4 other bartering challengers to barter for the best item.

I’m asking you to help me barter for something amazing. Just like the Barter Kings I’m starting with something small and aiming for something amazing.

We’re competing as part of the kickoff for A&E’s Barter Kings TV Show which you can see more about in this teaser below.

You can check out the Barter Kings taking a jab at the Auction Kings in the

Barter Kings kicks off on JUne 12 at 9 PM (8PM C) on A&E.

What I Have to Trade

I’m kicking off my trade with the iPod Touch. This ever useful tool can play music, videos and all the apps you’ll find on the iPhone, without the need for a monthly data plan. You can even make phone calls over WiFi.

Trade for the iPod Touch 8GB

In addition to the 8GB iPod Touch, I’m sweetening the deal with something you can’t buy in a store.

I’m editor at and and I’m going to give you personalized advice about which smartphone and notebook or tablet you should buy. Included with the 8GB iPod Touch is

  • 1 hour of setup or advice on how to get more out of the iPod Touch
  • 1 Personalized smartphone recommendation (redeem within the next year via phone or video conference)
  • 1 Personalized notebook recommendation (redeem within the next year via phone or video conference)

So, I’ll be looking for trades, but if you want to trade something you have for this iPod Touch and extras shoot me an email at and be sure to put Barter Kings in the subject.

I don’t want cash, but I do want something you have. A boat, a guitar, a scooter or maybe a work of art you want to turn into a graduation present or a new iPod Touch for your enjoyment.

If you can’t trade, but want to help, post about the contest on Twitter and Facebook with the tags #SocialBarterKings and #BarterKingJosh with a link to

Disclaimer: A&E has provided me with the funds to purchase the starting item of my choice to begin my barter challenge.


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